Hyaku-kannon Osunafumi

Under the three-storied pagoda there is a place 33 stones are placed. Under the stones the sand of the land of temples counted as Izumo, Chugoku and Saigoku reijyo (hallowed ground) .

It is believed that when you walk on the 33 stones 3 rounds, you will get the same bless from Kannon as much as you pilgrimage around those 3 reijyo on foot actually.

You can get talisman of Hyaku-kannon osunafumi for ¥1000 at reception in the main building of this temple. It consists 100 sheets and while you walk around the stones you put the sheets on the stones 3 times and after the round you put the last sheet on the stone with foot print of Buddha located in the middle of this place. Then you will have the card sheet used as the base of talisman. It is a proof that you pilgrimage around the Hyaku-Kannon osunafumi. Write your name, age and address on the sheet and submit it at the reception. We will present you a memorial gift.  


In the land of Kiyomizudera there are 33 points where represents 33 temples counted as Izumo Kannon Reijo. 

In old time it was so hard to make pilgrimage around the hole 33 temples in the Izumo Kannon Reijo so instead of that people visited our mountain and put talisman on the 33 points in the mountain. People used to do it for memorial service for someone who died in their family in this region and still now people are doing it.

This is the talisman you can get in the reception of main building in the temple. It costs 100yen (consists 50 seats). Write your wish or name of whom you wish his/her peace of their next life, date and your address on each talisman and put them on the 33 points in the mountain.        

Torii kuguri

There is a Inari Shrine in our temple. It is believed that if we walk through under the Torii gate the person will have good luck with money. Therefore many business owners are visiting our temple especially 1st date of each month by hope of good result in their business in the month. 

Goshuin (seal of copied sutra submission) 

Kiyomizudera is counted as one of Fudasho (Pilgrimage point) of the following Reijyo (pilgrimages). And you can get Goshuin of these Reijyo at the reception of Konpondo (main building) of our temple. 

11th Fudasho of Izumo-koku Shinbusu Reijyo

28th Fudasho of Cyu-goku Kannon Reijyo

21th Fudasho of Izumo Kannon Reijyo

Izumo-koku Shinbusu Reijyo

Kiyomizudera is counted as 11th 'Fudasho (Pilgrimage point)' of Izumo-koku Shinbutsu Reijo. We provide Goshuin with one peace  of rosary that you can make whole rosary when you complete this pilgrimage. It sells for ¥500 at each pilgrimage point.    

We also provide its official Gosyuin-cho (filling book) for ¥1500 and other official accessories. 

Cyugoku 33 Kannon Reijyo

Kiyomizudera is counted as 28th Fudasho of Chu-goku Kannon Reijyo and provide the Syuin for ¥300. It includes an image of Kannon. Each temple of the Reijyo provides their own Syuin and the image of Kannon with the same price. We also provide the other accessories such as Goshuincho, official guide book, the book introduce you the songs of all temples in the pilgrimage that you can sing when you visit each temples and etc. 

Izumo Kannon Reijyo

Kiyomizudera is counted as 17th Fudasho of Izumo Kannon Reijyo. We provide shuin of the Reijyo for ¥200 and image of Kannon for ¥100. We also provides the other official accsesories such as a filling book for the shuin. You can start the pilgrimage at our temple.