NB: Sightseeing for these building is closed from 1st Dec - 31th Mar.

Three-storied Pagoda

Three-storied pagoda in our temple is quite rare as normally this kind of building is not build to go up to the higher floor but this pagoda, you can go up to the top-floor. This is only one three-storied pagoda in Japan that people can go up to the third floor. The entrance fee is ¥200 over 13 y.o. and ¥100 for under 13 y.o.  

Hozo (treasure house) 

Hozo is a museum where variety of statues and arts are stored including Biggest buddha statue in Sanin region and engraved Dainichi nyorai  (the Goddess that created the universe in Buddhism) on a stone etc. Entrance fee is ¥300 for general public and ¥200 for students or under 13 y.o.  


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