20th Gongensai

At Gongensai, we dedicare a traditional Buddhist vegetarian meal to a god of entertainment called "Matarajin". After the ceremony the meal will be used as a ingredient of a risotto "Gongengayu"  and be served for people visiting our temple with wish of their wellbeing through the year.


15th Nehan-e

15th February is the day of Buddha has gone to his eternal sleep. It is also the real enlighten moment for him to leave his body that causes suffer in this physical life so we celebrate it as his actual enlighten day and eat a rice clacker that represents Buddha's snot to get closer to his great achievement as much as we can.  

We put a picture of his eternal rest that is called 'Nehan-zu' and read the teaching that he taught us to follow after his rest. 


17th Dai-Bonsho-sai

We hold this ceremony to burn out "kifuda (prayed wood panel)" to return them to heaven with our thank for being safe in the last year. We also burn wood panel which we have written our new years resolution to the next coming year with wish for being safe and peace in the year.

We serve "Oshiruko (sweet red-beans soup with rice cake)" for the participants to make them warm.